Property Clearings

“One of the most fascinating types of clearings I facilitate are property clearings. I love them because in so many cases, it’s dealing with the history of not only the building, but the land itself which has a history all its own. I love history and even brand new homes can have amazing historical experiences hidden that people do not know about. Including known and unknown burial grounds, battlegrounds and sacred sites, and its more common than people might think. Most of all it’s healing, not only for people currently living or working within the home or building, but for people who have passed on who may still have an attachment to the land or building due to trauma. Any type of real estate or land can have a property clearing facilitated.”

Each property is different, and requires different amounts of time taken to properly facilitate the clearing. Please schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Call to discuss your particular situation.


Client Interview Part 1

Client Interview Part 2