I have felt an enormous amount of peace lately. I am very excited to get to the next level of my life. I am so grateful. I feel nicer to myself, a lot calmer, starting to respond with less of a need to react quickly. I admire your direct and honest approach; your work is life changing and very needed. Many blessings and all of my gratitude.

Leah Mobius

Maryville, Tennessee

Thank you so much for all your help…with the clearings. Life is really turning around. Blessings to you and thanks again for all you taught me, I’m forever grateful.

Chris C.

Pleasant Hill, California

Hey Cathren,

Thanks! It’s funny how we just talked and I said that I didn’t feel any different. Today I talked out loud to my guides on my way to work. I told them that I know they are there and I appreciate them. I talked about what I wanted from them and asked for their help, etc. Long story short, I took what seemed like a wall to me, to help get my business going, and a couple of hours later I started getting this huge sensation of relief and happiness. I couldn’t stop grinning. It felt as if I had just made a half a million dollars and it was sitting in my bank account. It actually felt as if it happened and I succeeded at my goal. Driving to pick up my son and his friend tonight I had the urge to shout out (and I did) “YES!, THANK YOU!” as I looked up to the sky. I just feel so light all of a sudden, like I just had chains removed from me. Thanks.

Joe S.

Lake In The Hills, Illinois

Your clearing of my home and daughter worked! My house seems better and my daughter is also feeling better. Thank you so very much.

Tom Allen

Morton Grove, Illinois

I have been happier and stronger since the latest clearing we did together. You’ve already had a positive effect.

Sue A.

Evanston, Illinois

We had such a great summer at the resort this year, guests were happy and I believe it was because you did such a great job with the clearings. Thank you!

Julie M.

Rapid City, South Dakota

Hi Cathren!

I have to tell you, I felt a lot of energy in my 3rd eye Sunday, the day after I met with you.  I did get a bit dizzy but I have definitely noticed the change.  I’ve been anxiously waiting to hear back from you to confirm you cleared me and the house.  My boyfriend has noticed.  I feel like the heaviness, the ominous stuff, the depression, all of it is gone.  I am back to my old self to before I moved into this house.  My girlfriend can tell a difference in my voice over the phone.  I can feel again.  I felt like my body was in lock down or shut off and void.  I finally feel happy again.  Please, when you get a chance, tell me what you found.  How can I keep myself from spiraling back into that crazy void again?  On reflection, the last 4 homes I’ve lived in have had to be cleared.  My friend, Deb, who is a gifted psychic, has always been able to help but she lives in Columbus, Ohio and couldn’t help me remotely.  I sent her your information and she believes you are definitely the help I’ve needed for so long.  I can’t believe I let it go on as long as it did.  It took me a while to recognize the problems but still, I didn’t know how to explain what I was experiencing until it was gone.  I hope it is gone for good and I can continue on and find the peace I’ve so desperately wanted in my life.  This is why I moved to Chicago in the first place.  Again, THANK YOU.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Samantha H.

Niles, Illinois

My overall opinion about the soul clearing is very positive.  I have a more peaceful and calm feeling inside.  I do not seem to be carrying the same amount of negative emotions around which is lovely–it is as if it simply disappeared. Does that make sense or sound familiar? By the way, thank you for the prayer. I am feeling more at peace with this new turn of events.

Amy G.

Northbrook, Illinois

I just read the clearing report and I am so glad that you were able to help. In our new home, I knew something was wrong the first night we were here, as I was unable to sleep the whole night. This is very unusual for me, I usually have no problem with sleep unless I’m worried about something. I was so disappointed I got up the next day and could not wait to get out of the house after waiting so long to move into it. It was not making sense to me and I began to wonder. On the second night in our new home, I had moved my bedroom furniture completely around and was so exhausted that I think I went to bed and passed out! Then the next day was Jan. 28th (the day you did the property clearing) and that is the day that my husband started walking around saying how much he loved the house and is so happy that we were finally moved in. That is when I thought HHHHMMMMMM…. something had really changed that day especially in the afternoon and it kept getting better in the evening, then you e-mailed me on February 3rd. Also, my brother in-law said, “boy, I sure am comfortable here, I really like your new house.”

I feel the property clearing really made a big difference. Thank you so much.  

Lara W.

St. Charles, Illinois

Thank you again for all of what you do. I am so very grateful that my life is being restored thanks to you and the work that you do.

Sarah Wadleigh

Elgin, Illinois

I believed in energies, I just didn’t know how serious it could get until I was put in that situation. After the clearing…it was amazing. The air felt like “Light”…just very, very light.  Everyone should know that clearing is an option, it’s very important. It’s amazing and changed my life completely, I’m so grateful. Thank you!

Courtney Raske

Marquette, Michigan

Your clearings have made a huge difference in our lives and you cannot put a price on peace of mind.  After the clearings on each family member, the energy in the house feels so clean and clear. My husband went from being an angry, screaming, and hateful person and returned to the man I married long ago.  He is joyful and smiles and laughs again.  His patience has returned.  I told him once that I didn’t know which one of his personalities would walk into the room, get up in the morning or come home from work.  I could not take his abuse any more, as his temperament would turn on a dime from neutral to raging. His screaming and cursing wore me down and I would go to sleep at night crying and praying for it to all end. From the depths of my heart and soul Cathren, I truly thank God for you.  When people say, “the devil made me do it”, they don’t know how accurate they are.  My husband’s public personality was different from the one here at home behind closed doors.  There is no other way to say it, but he was becoming so evil that I feared something really bad would happen. He started buying guns, knives and swords.  I went to our local women’s crisis center and they told me I was in danger.  I also went to family therapy and my therapist told me I was in danger. She called him, “a sadistic mental rapist.” Then I found you, and he changed overnight with his clearing. Your ability to clear him gave us both our lives back. No one will believe this unless they are going through the same thing. I especially love your kindness and thorough reports detailing what was going on.  Someone else did my own clearing years ago, but you are the one I return to every year for soul and property clearings because you are the one I that I have full confidence in and trust to keep us and the house clear.  By the way, we could not sell our son’s house until you cleared it!

You are truly gifted with this work and I thank you, thank you, thank you!

Linda M.

Lake Park, Georgia

I have been meaning to tell you how much better I have been feeling these last few weeks.  I know I have a done a number of things for myself but your confidence in me professionally and your personal kindness means a great deal.   It was absolutely the right time for me to leave the “soul destroying” job and to hear the things you have said.  I just wanted to thank you specifically for the soul clearing, and for your advice. I’ve asked for help and support from the universe and it’s arrived!

Janet E.

Knoxville, Tennessee

Cathren was referred to me by a medium because since we moved into our house in Wheaton, we had been experiencing lots of strange things happening. My husband and I would see an apparition of a young woman in a prairie style dress, the fan in the master bedroom would go on by itself and a picture in the hallway upstairs would always be crooked even when I would straighten it. Family and friends could feel weird things too, so much so, it freaked them out to want to stay overnight. Also, my 6-year-old son has experienced night terrors ever since we moved into this house. After the clearing with Cathren it all stopped. And the night Cathren facilitated a soul clearing for my son was the last night he experienced night terrors. After the clearings everything went back to normal and I’m so grateful.

Blessings Cathren!

Sharon G.

Wheaton, Illinois

Thank you so much for the property clearing at my mother’s house in. Previously there were daily un-explained noises coming from the hallway leading down to the basement. After the clearing – it’s 110% better! The house is now quiet with a peaceful energy and everyone notices the difference even in personalities of the people that live there. The work that you do is awesome and has been so valuable to all of us with regard to our physical, spiritual and emotional well-being.

I appreciate you!

Elise R.

Bensenville, Illinois

Our home was under contract within 10 days of the property clearing. After our house was cleared, it appeared that several other homes in the neighborhood that were for sale started to get some movement and were positively affected as well. Then at our new home, Cathren cleared old residual issues that kept us from feeling at home. Now the new house and land feels perfect and we are able to get settled and to enjoy our new living situation. Cathren offers helpful information, and shares what will serve our health and happiness. Our family is happy, people and pets, and my gratitude is deep!

Amy P.

Gurnee, Illinois

I hired Cathren to clear my home prior to placing it on the market to sell. I noticed an immediate improvement in how the house felt. It went from stuffy and heavy to light and free feeling inside. Within 2 ½ weeks from placing the house on the market, I received a cash contract to purchase the house for a price that was higher than I expected given the current housing market statistics. I’m preparing to move as I write this testimonial. I would highly recommend a clearing from Cathren as part of preparing your house for sale.

Michael Lott

Knoxville, Tennessee

I immediately felt better after my soul clearing from Cathren. It feels like a noose that has been around my neck…has been removed. Which prompted me to encourage my husband and daughter to have a clearing performed for them as well. I would recommend a soul clearing from Cathren to anyone.

Wendy S.

Sugar Grove, Illinois

You had many compliments towards the way you operate and many commented on your ability to clear their energy. Several people came there specifically to see you and only you, as I am sure you know because you were booked solid Sunday afternoon until close and more. From a personal point of view, there is a glow about you, which I am sure you can attribute to your high frequency energy.

Lastenia D.

Desert Dog Media, Knoxville, Tennessee

My wife’s parents are getting up in age, in their 80’s, so we started looking for property near them in Vancouver, WA.  We are not able to move up there quite yet, so we knew we would have to rent it out. We found a gorgeous 4 bedroom next to a green space and bought it. Although the house was fantastic, it just wasn’t renting.  It had a kind of “heavy” feeling to it, despite the cheery surroundings. We hired a property manager and she went through all sorts of different ads and signs. No luck.

Cathren (who I now think of as my Light-worker), began talking about what she did.  I…being spiritual but not necessarily a religious person, was curious.  I can’t say that I believed in ghosts per-se, but I have felt spirits present many times.  Sometimes even in a church.

I told her that I was concerned that the house had some serious negative energy, so I asked her to do a property clearing of the property to remove any toxic energy.  I figured there was nothing to lose, as the two mortgages were not helping.

We went up to visit the property (from California) a couple of days later, and it felt lighter.  That’s all I could say, but the sun was shining and it just felt like a great, happy day.  I got a text message later that day, that she had done the clearing AT THE EXACT TIME WE WERE IN THE HOUSE.  Cathren had no idea we were even going up there. That kind of gave me goose-bumps, because I do believe that everything has a purpose and there are no coincidences.

The following Saturday, at noon, I got a call out of the blue, from my property manager.  After close to 5 months of waiting, the property had been rented – to a perfect family with Grandma who wanted to live downstairs and help raise their baby.  I was floored.  I actually started shaking. Coincidence? Yeah, right…I’m staying close to this girl!

Steve U.

Redding, California

I had heard about a holistic fair and I wanted to go and see if anyone could tell me why I was feeling lost. I went on the second Saturday in April, looked around but did not see a practitioner I wanted to see. I went again on the second Saturday in May to definitely see someone. When I got to the store I was asked whom did I want to see. I pointed to a name on a sheet of paper and that was the day I met Cathren and my life started to change. She told me about the Archangel realm that I work in in this lifetime, and that explained me to a tee. It was then that I asked for a soul clearing. About two weeks later, for no reason, I became very angry for about four days. Cathren explained that when a soul clearing is done, sometimes it can bring up a lot of old baggage that has happened in our life. After those four days my anger subsided and I started to feel stronger emotionally and mentally. Cathren told me about two other Archangel realms I am working in this lifetime and they also resonated with the core of my being. Knowing about the Archangel realms has helped me to understand myself. So I asked Cathren to do a property clearing because I have a mirror in my bathroom that has always bothered me. One day I looked in the mirror and I no longer had that uneasy feeling.  I found out that Cathren had cleared my property the day before. Every day I feel emotionally stronger and more confident in myself and I owe it all to Cathren. I can’t thank you enough for the help you have given me. I know that I was destined to meet you on that wonderful Saturday in May.

Dana Marie Izzo

Aurora, Illinois

The energy in my daughter’s house changed so much after the clearing. It’s easier to breath and it feels much lighter.  Prior to the healing I was concerned about going into the basement to wash the clothes and the air felt really heavy. I never wanted to be in there, you could just feel it. After the healing, it doesn’t feel like there is an elephant sitting on your chest. My daughter’s boss who comes to the house even noticed the change. Everyone who has been in the house has noticed the change. It’s much better, thank you.

Heidi Olson

Lake In the Hills, Illinois

For any REALTOR or homeowner wanting to sell their home and you’re on the fence as to whether a property clearing will assist you, I can say from my own experience, it works! Cathren has helped me to successfully sell a couple of properties very quickly, when I had completely given up hope. It could be the final piece of the puzzle if you are committed to selling your home. Cathren offers a unique service and goes beyond the property clearing itself, she will advise and counsel you until the home is sold. It is well worth the small investment.

Christopher Clark

St. Charles, Illinois

I wanted to thank you so much for the clearings. Please continue to help people as we need people like you. I have been doing very well and wanted to thank you. Below are some pictures I took days after your service and wanted to share. The picture that most surprised me was the cardinal that simply appeared to me out of nowhere. I turned around and there it was. I quickly clicked the picture. When it happened, I felt it was there for a reason- some message why it came to so close to me. Please continue what you do and again – many thanks.

Patricia G.

Mt. Prospect, Illinois

Hi Cathren,

I have lived in this home for 10 years. My neighbor told me years ago that a young woman was murdered in this home many years ago. I prayed about it and believe there were no longer any issues. However, we have been having repeated abnormal events in our home (ie: Brand new air conditioner broke down 8x’s in less than a 6-month period). The repairman has refused to return again…he said our house was haunted because the parts broken in the AC are practically unbreakable and his tools were moving while he was repairing the AC. My children and I have seen and felt things in the home. I am a single mom living with my family and felt overwhelmed. I have reoccurring migraines, insomnia, sleepwalking and financial difficulties. I feel oppressed and see it in my family. My children are constantly angry and fighting. I was at my whit’s end and in need of help. After the clearing, I can feel the complete positive change in the home. Thanks once again for your help. We are able rest in our home and that is an absolute blessing!

Jean W.

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Cathren, I just had to share out of elation! In the middle of the night someone or something whispered in my ear “Protected!” I just opened my eyes and smiled. I am over the moon! You are the individual that helped me…you have helped clear the fog away so I can go on to make my gifts more powerful. I thank you for that every minute. I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. God Bless you.

Brandy B.

Bloomingdale, Illinois

I hired Cathren to clear my office and I could feel the positive difference immediately. But the office next door had been unoccupied for years and whenever I would go into it, I would feel a heaviness and a smell I can’t describe other than it was not pleasant. Also, there is a Recruitment firm that is in the office space above mine that I knew was not doing well. I recently told the owner that I had a property clearing done and he said, “whatever it is…keep doing it, business is going great!” With the place next door to my office, Cathren had said there were two earth-bound spirits, essentially taking up residence in that empty office space. She explained they didn’t realize they were dead. So I can say from my own experience that the property clearing really works and it’s amazing. The smell in the office next door went away after the clearing as well. I’ve recommended Cathren to several others already.

Dr. Melissa Verhagen

Aurora, Illinois

I work for the DeKalb County Administration building in Sycamore, IL. The feeling in this building has always been heavy and people can get upset, frustrated and agitated very easily. I’ve herd lots of stories over the years since this property used to be the DeKalb Jail and we have heard stories of murders and suicides. Cathren came recommended by a family member and so I ordered a property clearing for my workplace. I felt an immediate difference and so did other co-workers. And the people coming into the building and calling the office were nicer, people didn’t get agitated or upset like they used to, it’s been really a great feeling.

A. C.

Sycamore, Illinois