Cathren Kayce is available as a guest speaker on the subject of energy clearing in the following categories; Health & Well-Being, Real Estate and the Paranormal.

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Energy Clearing In Real Estate

by Cathren Kayce | Radio Interview - The Beat

Energy clearing can speed up the healing process for illness & disease.

Energy clearing with coaching and education can help individuals “wake up” to the current situations facing our world today.

Energy clearing (our belief) can be a significant factor in preventing depression and suicide.

Energy clearing for homes, property, buildings & estates.

Energy clearing for haunted houses and places, why it’s not a game and important to live and work in an energetically clear environment.

Stigmatized properties have a “stigma” to them, because it’s already known by the public that something “not good” happened with that property and there it makes it difficult to sell/buy. There are solutions to this with clearing the energy on multiple levels.

Paranormal topics just mean it’s not scientifically explainable. Look at this way, millions of people around the world believe in God, The Creator or a Higher Power. Yet there is no proof of God.

Paranormal topics are fascinating because there is mystery to them.

As humans we seek to understand that which we can’t explain.