The Process for Healing/Clearing Therapy

Step 1 – Scheduling The Call: The first step in the Healing/Clearing process with Cathen is to schedule a 30-minute free consultation (or Discovery Call). The conversation is by phone or by a Zoom meeting. This is done so Cathren can better understand the issue, condition or problem you are having. This also helps you get to know Cathren better as a healing practitioner.

Step 2 – Fee Structures & Payment: During the call Cathren will advise you whether she feels she can assist you with your issue. If so, she will email you the different packages she offers. If you wish to proceed forward, Cathren will send you an electronic invoice for payment. All payments are made in full prior to the Healing/Clearing Therapy sessions. (Payment is made with either a credit or debit card. Venmo, Zelle, cash, checks or forms of cryptocurrency are not accepted at this time).

Step 3 – Gathering Your Information: After payment for services, Cathren will send you a Client Intake Form to fill out prior to any work being facilitated for you or for any coaching. This information is kept strictly confidential (between the client and Cathren) on Cathren’s own company computer drives and not on any cloud servers of any kind.

Step 4 – Facilitating The Healing Work: Cathren works from her sacred space in her home. She currently lives in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. This is how she has facilitated her healings/clearings since she began working with clients professionally more than 15 years ago. All work is facilitated remotely and the healings/clearings take place over the course of 30 days (at minimum), depending on the package you choose. This is to monitor the results of the healings and build relationship with you. Greater results happen over time.

Step 5 – The Process of Distance Healing: Cathren facilitates healings/clearings from a distance. So she is able to work with anyone (adults and children), anywhere in the world. There is no preparation for you as the client. You do not have be be meditating, or doing anything special. There are some situations where Cathren may advise you not to be drinking alcohol or taking recreational drugs (as an example). In addition, if you are recieving healing by practitioner, etc., this is also something Cathren will talk with you about. But in general, there is nothing that you need to be doing as the client (in most cases) and you can go about your normal, daily life. (Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian during all phone calls or Zoom meetings and have permission by their parent or legal guardian for any healing work or coaching).

Step 6 – The Post Healing Consultation: When Cathren has completed the healing/clearing session on you remotely, she generally waits 2-3 days before contacting you to schedule a time to have a consultation via phone or Zoom meeting to go over the healing, what she found, recommendations, and in general, ask how you are feeling and what may have occurred for you. This is also a time for you to ask any questions you may have until the next session. How many consultations you have are dependant on the package you choose.

In conclusion, there may be recommendations suggested for you to assist in your healing process such as books, meditations, exercises, etc. Each client is different and each client is treated specific to their needs.

  • No healings are facilitated in person at anytime or anywhere. All healings/clearings and coaching (all work) is facilitated remotely (and always has been facilitated remotely, even prior to the Covid pandemic).
  • You are welcome to stop the healing/clearing process at anytime for any reason. Simply give Cathren a call or send an email. However, no refunds are offered once payment has been made. Please note: This is a rare occurance and in 15 years it’s happened 3 times. Cathren is more than willing to talk with you about any concerns you may have during the healing process. Please let her know and she is happy to talk with you about it at no charge to you.
  • Cathren is not a licensed medical professional or licensed therapist.
  • Cathren is a certified healer in a variety of alternative healing modalities and a HeartMath® Certified Coach. (See the About Cathren page for specific information).
  • Cathren’s primary concern is your health and well being and she desires happy/healthy clients.