Clearings & Healings

Cathren’s primary expertise and healing modality is energy clearing. In this case we are speaking of working with people for clearing. Why would people want to have energy clearing? Well, let’s communicate a few other things for clarity.

First, energy clearing for people is called by a variety of terms including soul clearing, soul realignment, soul releasement, clearing your energy and other terms for “essentially” (and we say that lightly), the same thing, because not all energy clearing is the same, or has the same effects or outcomes. It is individualized and different for each and every person. No two clearings are the same. What makes the different modalities of energy clearing unique are the techniques, the practitioner, their experience with the modality, their training, their process, etc. So one person’s notion of the practice of energy clearing, soul clearing etc. is not universal.

It’s not like allopathic medicine where for example, a heart transplant is a heart transplant and it’s pretty universal in how the procedure is done, with the exception of the doctor and their experience of course. And like science, the more we learn, the more techniques and practices are revised and updated. That is how Cathren views her modality and practice of energy clearing.

Second, Cathren’s modality of energy clearing is not Reiki. We mention this because it comes up often. For more information about Reiki, click here.

Over the course of 15 plus years, Cathren has facilitated thousands of energy clearings on people, property, homes, animals and to clear up situations or issues, and consulted her clients on health and well-being, spirituality and other topics pertinent to the client’s needs. 

Energy clearing is “healing” plain and simple and healing has always been around.

In one sense, humans are perfect as they are. In another sense, humans never stop healing (are always in a process of growth, expansion and ascension), and in our opinion, people do need clearing on a regular basis. Just like people see a medical doctor every year for a check up, at the very least, people should have clearing every year; and if there are problems or issues, people should have an energy clearing practitioner they can turn to for clearing therapy.

Why would people want energy clearing? What are some of the benefits?

  • Energy healing can work in conjunction with traditional therapies and can quicken and amplify the healing process.
  • Balance the head and the heart, clients have experienced a reduction in stress.
  • Reduce anxiety, fear and worry.
  • Increase your knowledge and understanding of your spiritual connection to the Creator.
  • Overcome challenges with greater ease.
  • Feel more clear, lighter and free from restrictions.
  • Increase intuition and awareness.
  • Recover from illness more quickly, sleep and eat better.
  • Assist in discovering your purpose and why you are here.
  • Improve your relationships and have better understanding.
  • Develop better habits for well-being.
  • Release attachments, negative thoughts and unhealthy patterns.
  • Energy clearing can help with overcoming depression.
  • Increase intuition and psychic abilities and much more.

These are only a handful of examples of the potential benefits of energy clearing and Cathren Kayce’s healing modality can be considered a therapeutic method in helping to heal disease, issues, problems, PTSD and traumas of many types.

Men, women and children can have energy clearing and the process is individualized for each person, no two outcomes are the same.

If you are interested in working with Cathren and learning how energy clearing can help, the first step is to schedule a discovery call to ask questions and see if Cathren is the right healing practitioner for you. In most cases, this is done via a Zoom call, but it can also be done with a phone call.