HeartMath® Coaching & Healing Sessions

As a HeartMath Certified Coach, coaching sessions with Cathren are a combination of the HeartMath techniques, along with energy clearings targeted for achieving and/or healing specific areas of life that the individual is either consciously aware of or not. This amplifies the goal the client is wishing to reach, as well as quickens the healing and/or awakening process. The benefits are encouragement, support, guidance and inspiration. A great way to make significant strides in reaching personal goals.

HeartMath has over 25 years of research and 400 peer reviewed studies on the heart-brain connection and how the heart influences perceptions, emotions, intuition and health. Combine that with accessing Divine guidance and the effects have been known by Cathren’s clients to be a powerful approach to positive outcomes and over-all well being.

Cathren is truly gifted. The experience is both powerful and life altering.

Cathie F.

Long Grove, Illinois

Thank you Cathren for everything. The coaching along with the clearings really created positive shifts for me to move on to bigger and better things in my life and I felt the effects of the clearings right away. The anger is gone, yay!

Bertie M.

Lake Park, Georgia

These materials and the exercises are awesome! Thank you for bringing them into my life.

Marti R.

Evanston, Illinois

This is no ordinary coaching. See what Cathren’s coaching can do for you!