Healing & Well-Being

Gain intuition and clarity and discover who you really are.

Intuitive Readings

Cathren delivers intuitive insight by reading your Akashic Records and through your energy. During your reading, she is able to assist, answer questions and deliver messages from the client’s Higher Self and through her Divine Guides. Cathren offers individual readings in her Sacred Space via phone or Zoom.


Clearings & Healings

Clearings are healings and a powerful way to break through blocks and restrictions that keep individuals from operating at their best. Clearings can be conducted for people, animals, places and situations. Cathren has facilitated thousands of clearings over 15 years and can assist you with a variety of life’s challenges.


Coaching Sessions

Build resilience in the face of adversity whether in your personal life or in business. Cathren combines HeartMath® Certified Coaching skills, life experience and 20-plus years of spiritual training to coach, guide and inspire you to think with an open mind about achieving and reaching your unique goals.


Cathren is a professional and keeps her word in everything that she says and does.  She pays close attention to the details of what is going on with both you as an individual and your property.  You can count on her integrity and honor in these matters of the soul. I found my experience with her to be one of the great turning points in my spiritual life, in the sense that there was a clarity in both my personal life and home space to proceed in the work I wish to do.

Esther Crawford

Wake Forest, North Carolina

Hello Cathren,
Thank you so much for my session at the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo on March 19th, 2021.
I didn’t think I would ever be able to forgive my mother.  With your insights, I was able to forgive and the experience was amazing…it felt like a key going into a lock.  It was very powerful.
I look forward to working with you in the future, and thank you again.
Karla Wilson


In 2019 I had a cardiac ablation and it was one of the worst procedures I ever experienced. In my case, I had to spend the night in the hospital and the recovery was awful.

A year later in October 2020, I was scheduled for the same procedure due to the physical issues I was having. I was scared and very upset to have to go through the whole procedure all over again. I contacted Cathren and she did multiple clearings for me, the doctor and the hospital. She also prepared me spiritually and emotionally so I wouldn’t be so anxious this time around. I had the surgery and it was virtually painless. I felt cradled and peaceful. I had to be awake the whole time, but what I experienced…I thought I was asleep. My doctor finished in half the time of the previous surgery. He was calm, the nurses were fantastic, I went home that same day and the recovery was much easier. I am so grateful and blessed to know Cathren. Her expertise and calm direction has helped me greatly.

Barbara Bachmura

Chicago, Illinois

Above all else – your greatest asset is your connection to The Creator, which in reality, is your connection to your personal well-being.


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